Do I need a home phone line for a KRAlarmLink.com system to work?
No, we understand in todays culture many people don’t have home phone lines. Our systems communicate over the cellular network.
Do I have to add a line to my cellular plan for a KRAlarmLink.com system?
No, the cellular activation and service charge is included in our plans.
Is KRAlarmLink.com's cellular alarm communication less secure than a land line?
Absolutely not! Most other alarm systems communicate over land lines because it’s cheaper for the security company to service, not because it’s more secure. Anyone could easily cut a land line on the outside of your home to disable those systems. With cellular, there is nothing to cut making it more secure.
What happens when the alarm goes off?
The Monitoring Station will call you to verify the alarm and will ask for your password. If we cannot reach you, or the correct password is not provided, the proper authorities (Police/Medical/Fire) are immediately notified.
What happens if there is a power failure?
The systems we sell have a rechargeable backup battery. While operating on back up battery, the system retains all the alarm functions.
I just set off my alarm and my siren is blowing, what do I do now?
Don’t panic. Remember your security I.D. pass-code or password. If the alarm activation was accidental, carefully disarm your system with your key-code per your system’s instructions. This should reset the alarm. After you’ve reset the system, wait for the Monitoring Station to call you. If you do not hear from them, your system may have aborted the alarm when you put in your key-code. Don’t leave your home or business until you’ve spoken with the Monitoring Station representative and assured them there is not an emergency.
I'm ready to leave, but my keypad says the system is not ready to arm. What do I do now?
The keypad is indicating that a zone or device is in the “open” or “trouble” condition. It usually means that a door or window is not closed properly, or a motion sensor is detecting movement and not reset. Correct the problem condition and the keypad should indicate ready to arm. If the problem still exists, it may have to be corrected by a qualified KRAlarmLink.com Service Technician. Customer Service can assist you at 716-877-3339.
How long does it take to install security in my home?
Depending on our install schedule, we may be able to schedule your install for the next day. You will have access to all the security features, including Two Way Voice immediately after install.
How long has KRAlarmLink.com been in business?
We were founded in 1996 and have seen rapid growth ever since.
How much does it cost for a security system?
Security systems start from $22.99 monthly.