Go Smart in 2016

Go Smart in 2016homesecurity_thermostats-300x194

According to new research by real estate experts at Coldwell Banker, almost half of all Americans will own smart home technology by the end of 2016. Are you planning on joining them? Take a look at some of the following guidelines to help you avoid some common frustrations with making the switch:

1. Know your options.

You can either do it yourself by buying different devices at retail and installing them yourself, or you can opt to get professional help from a service provider that will install everything for you. Service providers can also provide you with pre-configured devices that you can install yourself.

2. In need of security products? Buy from security professionals.

Standalone products like connected video cameras and smoke detectors might seem useful, but they can really fall short in emergency situations. They’ll send you alerts about what’s happening at home, but it’s up to you to respond. If you fail to see the alert, you can’t possibly respond. This can all be avoided by buying smart home technology from a security dealer. You’ll receive all of the most useful smart home features like text alerts along with security-grade and professional monitoring. In case of an emergency, a security professional will contact emergency responders whether or not you are there to see the alert.

3. Buy with the future in mind.

Standalone smart home devices quickly become out of date, which means that they require frequent replacement if you want to continue to enjoy the latest technology. When you invest in one single platform, the intelligence is constantly updated as it exists in the cloud rather than in physical devices. New features and updates are released digitally and automatically applied to your devices that you already have in your home, ensuring that your technology remains up to date long after your purchase.

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