Protect Your Home From Burst Pipes

Protect Your Home from Burst Pipes

While it may be true that we haven’t had an overly cold winter, burst pipes still always remain a possibility. proudly provides you with a simple way to equip your home to handle this very problem:

Preemptive Awareness: Temperature Sensor

homesecurity_thermostatsThe best way to prevent a burst pipe is to act before it freezes. Until now, that type of vigilance has been nearly impossible. A Temperature Sensor is the answer in many cases. By placing one in your home’s basement or crawlspace near your water supply, you can get a remote reading of your area’s temperature anytime.

Conveniently, you can set up a smartphone alert to warn you if the temperature drops to an unusually low point, enabling you to take emergency anti-freeze measures such as a portable heater or making sure to leave the faucet trickling overnight. If a pipe does burst, we have a system in place to help you avoid costly damage. A water sensor placed on the floor in strategic places will instantly send you an alert when water is detected, allowing you to act as quickly as possible and minimize damage.

Water is just one of the potentially harmful elements that will protect your home and your family from this winter.